About Us

Green Building Professional Partnership (GBPP) - Creating, Fostering, and Promoting a platform to create more opportunities for successes for all green building professionals in China.

It is clear that LEED, the internationally recognized green building certification system run by the USGBC, continues to grow exponentially in China. For this reason it becomes paramount for the continuation of LEED in China to have a system in place to support cohesion for LEED AP's and spread their knowledge throughout the country.

Therefore, in connection with major university professors and consultancy professionals, the GBPP has been set up to achieve several key goals for its members:

  1. The GBPP is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates with the USGBC, universities and other professional councils to Disseminate their updates to the green building                   
  1. professional community in China. The GBPP is also a channel for China LEED AP's and green building professionals to report back to the USGBC - thus enhancing mutual communication.
  2. The GBPP is a source of Education for existing LEED AP's as well as non-LEED AP's and other green building professionals in China through the events we hold. The GBPP aims to be a primary source for Green Building information sharing.
  3. The GBPP is a platform for like-minded professionals for Networking and to create more opportunities and success and business growth in China.

Individuals that share these goals are welcome to join us as members and encouraged to contact us.

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